Multi50 Circuit 2020

2020 was a very special year for the Leyton Sailing Team, seeing them starting for the first time in the Multi50 category. It was also a first for the orange and blue multihull skipper, Arthur Le Vaillant, who had set his sights on the Transat Québec – Saint-Malo, the Drheam Cup, and the Summer Grand Prix. The schedule was turned upside down because of the health crisis but thankfully most of the races have not been cancelled! It was a very challenging season, the Team were able to overcome many obstacles.

The 2020 Dream Team

Not everybody is lucky enough to start a new adventure with one of the domain’s heavy-lifters, but for Arthur this was the case. Our skipper, from La Rochelle, managed to surround himself with a team of specialists that enabled progress throughout the 2020 season thanks to their expertise.


Jean-Baptiste Le Vaillant

Arthur’s father is a sailor who needs no introduction! As a specialist in large multihulls, he has a multitude of victories and records to his credit. During regattas, he passes on his knowledge and experience to Arthur. On the boat, he’s the number 1 person, if you listen to him everything will go perfectly well.

Aymeric Chappellier

Aymeric is an ultra-versatile sailor. Thanks to his experience in Mini 6.50 and Class 40, he notably finished 2nd in the Transat Jacques Vabre 2017 with guess who? Arthur! What a coincidence…He is a loyal crew member for the trimaran’s convoying and starting to get to know the Multi50 very well.

Christophe Espagnon

Christophe is a specialist in multihulls too and knows a lot on the subject. In 2008, he participated in the Olympic Games in Tornado and many other international Championships. Currently, he is a coach for the French Youth team in La Rochelle. But be careful, with Christophe you must be heavy-handed!

Quentin Ponroy

Quentin Ponroy knows everything about sailling! But Quentin actually designs sails, it’s his other job. During every race, he’s bring his “expert eye” and can spot any anomaly on how the sail tuning. On the boat, he’s the tactician guy!

Arthur Le Vaillant

A the helm of Multi50 in 2020, this native of La Rochelle is a musician on land and an outstanding competitor on the water. He is in search of victory as much as being in search of sharing the world and being open to it. Arthur finished 4th in the Route du Rhum in 2018

Highlights of the season

2020 started with the launch of Leyton’s Multi50!

Second best for Drheam Cup to get going

Ready, set, go! The crew raced together for the first time aboard the Leyton’s trimaran and got settled pretty quickly for this Drheam Cup. It started at Cherbourg, and Leyton’s skippers were among the biggest trimarans in the race, like Gitana and Sodebo. Arthur and his team led the race from the start despite very calm weather. Thibaut Vauchel-Camus took the lead during the crossing of the English Channel, aboard his Arsep trimaran, and thanks to his experience he outran his competitors along the English shores even with a lack of wind. His lead lasted up to the Celtic Sea before moving on to Brittany. As a result, it was difficult for Leyton’s multihull to regain the upper hand. Nonetheless, they finished second-best in their category! It is a promising outcome, especially when we take into account that it was their first time.

Leyton’s team won 3rd place for the Multihull Trophy at the Bay of Saint-Brieuc

At the end of August, the “Multihull Trophy – Bay of Saint-Brieuc” took place. Arthur’s team was faced with some of the race’s mainstays, but they were able to gain a foothold and thwarted all predictions from the start by winning two second places and even being declared the winner of the first day’s round. For the next two days, the race was very close, and every detail counted. Congratulations to the whole team, who took home the bronze. A great place for a great debut on the Grand Prix circuit!

Winner of the Grand Prix de Brest to wrap up the season

In early September, the last race of this short season took place for Arthur and his team. On the program: speed, sport and above all, FUN!
The Leyton Sailing Team has almost achieved a faultless race during the 3 days of competition in the roadstead of Brest. With 7 victories out of 9 races, our skipper from La Rochelle and his dream team flew past the roadstead of Brest. First, the Leyton team was neck and neck with the Primonial’s team for the first two days and showed competitiveness and drive to go for the win! BRAVO

Other highlights of the team


The 2020 Figaro Circuit

Sam Goodchild is back in the game on the Figaro circuit and he has had a splendid season. First off, he was there to “discover” the new boats, but his objectives quickly changed as a result of his astounding results.

La Transat Jacques Vabre 2019

Une magnifique 2ème place en Class40 pour le duo Franco/Anglais composé de Sam Goodchild et Fabien Delahaye sur cette transatlantique entre Le Havre, France et Salvador de Bahia, Brésil

La Route du Rhum 2018

La 4ème place pour la 1ère Route du Rhum d’Arthur Le Vaillant, une performance