Capital Allowances

A better way to obtain valuable savings on capital spend.We can help your business obtain valuable cash tax savings and improved business cash flowThe UK government allows businesses who pay tax in the UK to claim capital allowances on qualifying capital expenditure they incur, when they buy equipment or buildings, carry out new construction, refurbishment works or fit out works.

About capital allowances

  1. This is a form of tax relief that incentivise businesses to invest in capital expenditure.
  2. This means that businesses can deduct the value of their qualifying spend from their profit, before calculating their tax liability.
  3. This can sometimes take the form of a tax credit or refund if the business is loss making.

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      Additional tax relief may also be available through the structures and buildings allowances.

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        How we can help

        Our capital allowances team of qualified specialists with diverse experience and multidisciplinary construction, engineering, surveying, accounting and tax advisory skills, leverage on their expertise to maximise cash saving benefits for businesses who incur capital expenditure. Throughout our capital expenditure review process, we work closely with businesses to identify all qualifying expenditure. We however work in such a way that minimises your involvement in the review process, so as not to disrupt your core business activities.

        Incurred or planning to incur capital cost for your business?

        Do you have any historic, recent or planned building or industrial and engineering plant related capital spend for your business, which may fall under any of the following categories?Refurbishment works | New construction works | Fit out works | Acquisition of buildings We can provide a whole development lifecycle advice, aimed at identifying valuable capital expenditure tax relief from the planning stage, to construction, occupation and subsequent sale or acquisition.

        Why work with Leyton?

        We are an international consulting firm which helps businesses leverage financial incentives to accelerate their growth and achieve long lasting performance.

        With a multifaceted skillset comprising of construction, engineering, surveying, accounting and tax advisory, our dedicated capital allowances team is uniquely placed to apply their technical expertise and experience in identifying and maximising qualifying capital expenditure. This subsequently leads to valuable cash tax savings and improved business cash flow.

        We always keep compliance front of mind and have been delivering optimal services for over 24 years. This provides our clients with the peace of mind that they will receive the maximum financial benefit without unnecessary risks.

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        Unlock and maximise your cash tax savings and improve your business cash flow.

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