Do you work on technically challenging construction projects?

You may be eligible for significant tax credits.

Are you missing out on valuable R&D Tax Relief?

The UK construction industry displays innovation and R&D in a wide variety of forms, from impressive skyscrapers through to the painstaking restoration of historical properties. There are currently hundreds of construction companies across the country working on technically challenging and cutting edge projects. Although the majority of these could be financially benefiting from valuable R&D Tax Relief, many are unaware that the projects they are undertaking qualify for this support.

R&D within construction can be identified within three areas:

  • New Builds – R&D can range from reducing project time through innovative methods, the development of unique solutions to overcome challenges and the utilisation of novel materials to yield building performance improvements.
  • Renovation – This includes work on heritage buildings which requires unique solutions to restore original structures, the integration of modern services and techniques into existing infrastructure, and the development of strengthening solutions for aged buildings being repurposed.
  • Commercial Property – Examples include the installation of specialist security systems, construction of unique building aspects and the development of novel techniques for unusual buildings or projects with tight constraints.

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