Is your business working on innovative projects in the Energy sector?

You may be eligible for significant tax credits.

Are you missing out on valuable R&D Tax Relief?

Innovation in Energy The energy sector has been thrust into the global spotlight as businesses across the globe look to harness the power of more renewable energy sources as a solution to the problems of climate change. Innovative development sits at the heart of the energy sector, making it ripe for the benefits that innovation funding incentives can provide. From the advancement of new energy sources, through to efficiency improvements and smart meters, the energy sector is rife with businesses which could be financially benefiting from the R&D Tax Credit scheme.

Examples of R&D projects in the Energy sector:

  • Increasing energy production using the same or reduced resources
  • Developing alternative fuel mixes which are more environmentally friendly
  • Energy distribution network improvement to improve reliance and efficiency
  • Scaling up novel energy systems to improve commercial viability
  • Reducing energy inefficiency in systems including noise or vibrations
  • Developing systems in challenging environments such as marine or in extreme temperatures
  • Testing and lab work undertaken to explore emissions levels in novel fuel blends
  • Efforts to improve capability or functionality through new energy system prototype development

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