Enquiry Support Service for R&D Claims

A robust defence to efficiently resolve your HMRC enquiry. We provide full support to successfully resolve any HMRC enquiry.As the number of businesses benefiting from the R&D Tax Credit scheme has increased, there has been a comparable increase in HMRC measures to reduce falsified claims.Tighter restrictions on claim reviews have been introduced and in certain instances, HMRC will ask for more information to substantiate an R&D claim. This is known as an Enquiry and can sometimes involve an onerous and drawn-out process. Providing a robust defence to any enquiry can help avoid any reduction in the value of your claim or penalties from HMRC.

How can Leyton support your enquiry defence?

Our teams will review your HMRC enquiry details using our financial and technical/scientific expertise. We assess the likelihood of a successful defence and implement a tactful response based on our extensive knowledge of HMRC activities and our close working relationship with this authority.

Guidance on appealing a claim decision after closure of HMRC enquiry

Our team will begin by assessing the probability of success in a Tribunal appeal hearing. We will then manage administrative tasks, stakeholder coordination and pre & post tribunal actions to successfully prepare your business for the tribunal hearing. Where possible, we will take actions to implement dispute resolution prior to the tribunal hearing and use our expertise to enhance the probability of resolving dispute at the earliest possible stage.

Our Process

  • Pre-contract assessment and due diligence on likelihood of success
  • Review and audit of historic records of R&D claim(s)
  • Interview key personnel to gather more evidence in defence of the claim
  • Request and collate any additional details to aid the HMRC enquiry responses preparation
  • Prepare written responses to HMRC enquiry questions
  • Directly communicate with HMRC on R&D claim related enquiry responses when asked
  • Prepare and support client for any conference call/face to face meetings with HMRC
  • Manage administrative aspect of closing of HMRC enquiry

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