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Investment deduction: tax administration confirms higher rates for …

Don’t miss out on valuable tax advantages! Discover how to benefit from increased investment…

Green and Energy-Efficient Investments

Guide to Co-Funding Opportunities for Green and Energy-Efficient In…

In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the co-funding opportunities…

Partial Withholding tax exemption for real estate

Partial withholding tax exemption for real estate work in teams on …

In 2023, companies in the construction and related sectors will still be able to make use (under…

10 mistakes to avoid when applying for R&D grants

10 mistakes to avoid when applying for R&D grants

Leyton has ample experience with R&D grant writing. Based on this experience, Leyton identified…

Wijziging van de fiscale gunstregeling voor auteursrechten: belangrijkste aandachtspunten

Favorable Modification of the copyright favorable tax regime: main …

The announced reform of the copyright tax favor system has already been widely reported in the…

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Thanks to our unique methods and 24 years of knowledge and experience, our clients can benefit from complementary sources of financing while remaining focused on their core business.

We work in partnership with each client’s outside tax advisors to support their work in the preparation and filing of returns. Our role is to maximize the client’s tax credit benefit and provide our clients with a solid foundation of technical analysis and supporting documentation. We do this in a non-invasive manner without disrupting our clients’ day-to-day business

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