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Experimental Development

The Brussels Region offers grants to support you in this research. “Experimental Development” projects, supported by Innoviris, are aimed at innovative companies with operating headquarters in Brussels that have innovative ideas but still have many challenges to overcome in order to effectively put innovations on the market. If you still need to develop new technology, improve your process or service, or go through a prototype or pilot phase, Innoviris offers support through a subsidy or a recoverable advance. When the project is carried out alone, the amount of the subsidy covers between 25% and 45% of its total budget while the recoverable advance covers up to 55%. The nature and extent of the contribution from Innoviris depend on the size of your company. If a project is being carried out through an effective partnership, the contribution may be increased.

Industrial Research

Through Innoviris, the Brussels Region supports companies that carry out “Industrial Research” projects by offering them subsidies. Such projects are those which involve cutting-edge research that carries an inherently high risk, which, over time, can lead to a revolutionary innovation. These projects, therefore, concern the acquisition of fundamental knowledge in a certain field without any application being necessarily envisaged in the immediate future. The amount of the subsidy is between 50 and 70% and depends on the size of your company and possible partnerships.

Our Added Value

  • Technical and financial knowledge for the preparation of the business case and technical work packages
  • Success ratio of 95%
  • A complete takeover of administrative formalities after receiving the subsidy
  • Matchmaking if you still need partners
  • Knowledge of European subsidies for subsidies following research and development; see European subsidies.

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