Regional grants

Did you know you can benefit from multiple funding sources? We help you to find the best funding for your projects.

Regional grant advice and guidance for innovative companies

How does it work?
● From start-up to multinational
● More than 10 years of experience
● An international network of experts
● Support at different levels, both in the technical and scientific description of your project as well as in substantiating the business case

Regional Grants Advice


Because of our knowledge of the regional and international subsidy landscape, we can connect your project with the right subsidy strategy based on interviews and documentation.

Filling for Grants

Leyton writes a strong technical and substantiated business plan to optimally finance your project. For this, we have both technical and financial/business knowledge in-house.

Grants after Care

When your project is approved, it will be monitored by the regional authorities. This requires a lot of administrative work, which Leyton also takes care of.


In order to ease the struggle through the tangle of subsidy measures and to train our clients in finding potential, we regularly organise/offer workshops to keep them up-to-date.

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    Meeti our Regional Grants Team

    Serge Kalitventzeff

    Grants Manager – Master in Economics

    Sven Weemaels

    Sales Manager – Bachelor in Social Science

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