Climate Change Levy (CCL)

ll businesses are automatically charged CCL on the usage, but some businesses are exempt, and we can help you claim exemption.Not only that but you are also about to claim a rebate for the last 4 years if you have been paying for CCL during that period when you could have been exempt.

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    What is the Climate Change Levy (CCL)?

    Your energy bill is made of commodity and non-commodity costs and CCL makes up a% of those non-commodity costs. It is a tax designed to make UK businesses more sustainable. It is designed to encourage businesses to reduce energy use by being more efficient thus drive a reduction in greenhouse gases.

    CCL on average is anywhere between 4% and 7% of your entire energy bill.

    The rate for Gas has increased year on year since 2019 so the cost of CCL has been a factor in increased energy costs.

    VAT is also charged on CCL – effectively a tax on a tax.

    Who is eligible for the CCL?

    It is hard to be exact as the guidance is substantial but as a brief overview the following areas could be exempt.

    1- For supplies used in some forms of transport

    2- For use in metallurgical and mineralogical processes

    3- For Domestic and charitable non-business use

    The lists are substantial so if you want to know if you could qualify for a reduction in your energy bill, we can advise you.

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    Any business that manufactures a product which has one of the relevant SIC codes and is based in England, Scotland, or Wales, the industries might include: Textiles, Wood, Pulp, Paper, Glass fibres, Fertilisers, Chemicals, Iron, Steel, Aluminium, lead, Zinc, Tin, Copper & Battery production.

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    Our dedicated Energy Tax team provides an end-to-end consultation service, taking you through the CCL claims process to ensure you receive the maximum financial benefit you are entitled to.

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    To improve the competitiveness of the UK’s most energy intensive businesses, the Government implemented a number of compensation schemes to mitigate the impact of renewables policies, including Energy-Intensive Industries (EII), UK ETS Compensation (UKETS) and Climate Change Levy (CCL).

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      If you qualify for CLL, you could save up to:

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        We are the UK’s largest innovation funding consultancy.
We work with over 6,000 innovative companies, and our unrivalled technical expertise and resources position us to help businesses of all sizes benefit from valuable government tax incentives.
Working in close partnership with our clients, our highly experienced consultants and sector experts tailor bespoke strategies for each business.

        • Industry knowledge

          We have a track record of supporting businesses through the often-complex guidelines & process of getting government support.

        • Energy expertise

          We understand the challenging area of non-commodity costs and can help ensure you do not pay a penny more than you should be.

        • Carbon reduction

          We help businesses understand which schemes are available which can support funding for carbon and energy reduction schemes.

        • Energy expertise

          We understand the challenging area of non-commodity costs and can help ensure you do not pay a penny more than you should be.

        • Relationships

          We regularly speak with HMRC, DBT (Department for Business & Trade) and all UK energy suppliers, building relationships to help get things moving quickly.


        Energy Efficiency for Your Bottom Line: Tax Relief Measures That Matter

        In this webinar, we present a breakdown of your energy bill, the energy tax exemptions that you can benefit from and the future saving opportunities for 2025 and beyond.

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        To be able to benefit from the energy tax exemptions, we offer a 360° service, from auditing your processes to implementing action plans to enhance your exemplary and competitive performance.
        These services are turnkey and linked to the success of obtaining financing.

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