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    Are you looking to claim valuable R&D Tax Relief?

    With more than 12 years of R&D experience and unrivalled tax and technical expertise, Leyton UK is ideally positioned to unlock potential value within your business. The benefit received can be reinvested in accelerating current or upcoming projects, used to hire new staff or support your overall growth. R&D Tax Credits are available from HMRC for eligible SMEs and large organisations.

    Claim back research and development costs

    Are you developing a new process, a product or service, or perhaps improving an existing one? The R&D Tax Credit scheme is an important HMRC incentive that rewards companies on innovative projects. R&D Tax Credits provide an often vital cash injection for businesses and, to date, Leyton UK has helped thousands of clients successfully claim more than £900m in R&D Tax Relief. Use our R&D Tax Credits calculator below to discover how much you can claim.

    R&D Tax Credit Changes April 2023

    HMRC are making important changes to R&D Tax Credits. For expenditure from April, the additional deduction for SMEs will be lowered from 130% to 86%, and the SME credit rate will be reduced from 14.5% to 10%, except for loss-making SMEs that are R&D intensive (where qualifying R&D expenditure adds up to at least 40% of total expenditure). The RDEC rate will rise from 13% to 20%. The categories of qualifying expenditure are also changing. Discover our toolkit below for the full details on preparing for the coming changes.

    In this toolkit:

    Pre- Notification Fact sheet
    Don’t get caught out by the upcoming research and development (R&D) Tax Relief legislation changes. Download our free fact sheet now.

    Blog: How R&D Tax Credits Are Changing From April 2023:
    Find out everything that you need to know about how R&D Tax Credits are changing from April 2023.

    White Paper: R&D Tax Credits Statistics 2022
    Discover what the government’s statistics reveal about the current health of UK R&D.

    Webinar Replay: Maximising cash flow through R&D advance funding
    Learn how to maximise capital by up to 20% and how to claim an advance on your R&D Tax Credits.

    Leyton For Me
    Leyton For Me securely eases the exchange of information and documents, guiding you simply and safely across all steps of the R&D claim.

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              No. of UK businesses Leyton supported: 6258
              Average benefit per client (£): 49 000
              % of UK claims submitted by Leyton: 11%

              Types of R&D Tax Credits

              There are two HMRC schemes that allow you to claim valuable R&D Tax Credits:

              SME R&D Scheme

              To qualify for the SME R&D scheme, a business generally needs:
              < 500 employees
              < €100m turnover or €86m net assets

              Read more about the SME R&D Scheme.


              Large companies and certain SMEs can claim R&D Expenditure Credit (RDEC).

              Read more about RDEC.

              Helping innovative companies throughout the UK

              Our clients are based across the length and breadth of the UK, and we have dedicated teams in offices in London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester and Bristol.

              Our Key Figures

              No. of UK businesses supported

              6 258

              Average benefit per client (£)

              49 000

              % of UK claims submitted by Leyton


              Does my business qualify?

              • Businesses carrying out research and development work are present in almost every sector, from software development and food production to construction and agriculture.
              • The SME R&D Tax Credits scheme can be used by organisations liable for corporation tax in the UK and meets the necessary criteria.
              • Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can claim R&D Tax Credits through the SME scheme if their business has less than 500 staff and a turnover of under €100m(or €86m net assets).
              • Large businesses, SME’s with a high turnover, or subcontracted SMEs and large companies can claim Research and Development Expenditure Credit (RDEC).
              • Your project(s) must have looked for an advance in science and technology but have faced uncertainty with achieving this – and you must show that you’ve at least tried to overcome the uncertainty. You will also need to explain how a professional in the field could not have easily worked out your advancement.

              Our process


                Consultancy team introduction and key claim stakeholder identification. Basic R&D eligibility assessment and delivery timeline agreed.

                Financial Discovery

                Introduction to expenditure categories, R&D project expenditure data provision, financial document provision.

                Technical Scoping

                Review and discussion of all eligible projects, selection of key project(s) for claim substantiation (case study).

                Financial Discovery

                Introduction to expenditure categories, R&D project expenditure data provision, financial document provision.

                Claim Package

                Compilation of technical and financial documentation, internal quality audit and resolution of queries.


                Final documentation sign-off, tax benefit option agreement, detailed submission guidance and additional submission support.

              Other Leyton services which may interest you

              Our highly experienced in-house teams constantly monitor market development and government funding opportunities to provide the most up-to date cost saving solutions. We offer support around a number of other government schemes including:

              • Grants

                We support businesses in winning innovation funding through InnovateUK grants.

              • Patent Box

                We identify, map and analyse patent tax relief opportunities.

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