More than 60% of software businesses are eligible for R&D Tax Credits

Drive your software business forward with R&D tax credits, a powerful funding source that can transform your approach to innovation. Stay ahead of the competition by reinvesting in R&D to fuel further growth and innovation.

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Innovation Potential

Software development, computer programming, information services, and telecommunications represent 18.7% of the UK’s business R&D—a share expected to increase due to recent reforms expanding claimable categories.

Given the current scarcity of quality developers, material shortages affecting hardware development, and intense competition, it’s crucial to partner with an R&D tax consultancy that can maximise the value of your software innovation.

Could your business benefit from valuable R&D Tax Relief?

Software is the primary element for many areas of innovation, from initial research through to product introduction. If your business is involved in advancing knowledge or capacity through software, there’s a high chance you could benefit significantly from government innovation funding incentives such as the R&D Tax Credits scheme.

What kind of software projects qualify?

  • Cutting edge software for new projects, or new functionality for existing R&D projects
  • Tools to improve the functionality of application software programs or of an operating system
  • Novel data management techniques
  • Innovative methods of capturing, transmitting, manipulating, and protecting data
  • Extensions to database software, programming languages, or operating systems
  • Software development tools, such as those to port data across platforms
  • Developing means of integrating hardware and software platforms

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We are the UK’s largest innovation funding consultancy.

We work with over 6,000 innovative companies, and our unrivalled technical expertise and resources position us to help businesses of all sizes benefit from valuable government tax incentives.

Working in close partnership with our clients, our highly experienced consultants and sector experts tailor bespoke strategies for each business.
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    Submit your documentation with our software which enables us to file your R&D claim as part of your amended CT600 following completion of the R&D claim. Also discover your claim in minutes using our digital platform Leyton For Me powered by Leyton

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