Is your agriculture business not claiming fully for your innovation?

Could you benefit from significant tax rebates?

Is your business missing out on valuable R&D Tax Relief?

Many businesses in the Agricultural sector are missing out on R&D tax relief which can provide important cashflow, and aid operational efficiencies. There are consistent challenges to overcome when you are striving to be more efficient, improve yields, the welfare of your animals, or land quality. Agricultural businesses which are using innovative methods or techniques to address such challenges are likely to be carrying out projects which would qualify for the R&D Tax Credit scheme.

Examples of R&D activity in Agriculture

  • Optimisation of irrigation systems and water treatment
  • Agricultural trials involving seeds, soils and pesticides
  • Development of crop species with enhanced properties
  • Design of agricultural machinery, equipment, and agricultural structures
  • Food Engineering and the processing of agricultural products
  • Feeding trials: developing new feeds, type of feed, timing of feed, ration timing
  • Improving animal health and welfare: reducing mortality/tail biting

Our Experience

Agriculture claims

1 100

Tax relief for the sector millions(£)


Average claim value (£)

43 000


Many farmers would be amazed that they can claim for the work they are already doing. Simply working on innovative methods to improve output and trying new things can make you eligible.

Nigel Batten, Astridge Farm, Pembrokeshire

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