Energy-Intensive Industries (EII)

The Energy-Intensive Industries scheme was introduced to mitigate the impact of renewables policies. The costs energy suppliers incur to improve their energy mix through the Renewables Obligation (RO) and Feed-In Tariffs are passed on to the end-users, which represents a competitive disadvantage for Energy Intensive Industries.Via the EII scheme, eligible businesses can apply for compensation for 15-30% of the costs of their total energy bills.

Is your business eligible for the EII scheme?

Much of the focus for this scheme falls on the heavy industrial users, including the manufacturing, engineering, mining and quarrying sectors.

Qualifying industries include: Plastics, Metal production, Metal casting and processing, battery production, malts, grain milling, wood, paper, rubber, glass, chemical production, ceramics, cement, refractory, animal feed, poultry storage and fertiliser.

Climate Change Levy (CCL)

Climate Change Levy (CCL) is a tax on the consumption of electricity, natural gas and fossil energies and is aimed at financing the energetical transition process. The focus for this compensation scheme is on companies which directly support manufacturers. Activities and the manufacture of products that qualify for the scheme include metal coating, metal production, precious metals, forging, foundry, glass, plaster, welding, bending, punching, cement, concrete, ceramics, refectory.

Find out how much you can claim on Energy Tax Reliefs!

To improve the competitiveness of the UK’s most energy intensive businesses, the Government implemented a number of compensation schemes to mitigate the impact of renewables policies, including Energy-Intensive Industries (EII), UK ETS Compensation (UKETS) and Climate Change Levy (CCL).

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    If you qualify for EII, you could save up to:

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    If you qualify for CLL, you could save up to:

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    If you qualify for CLL, you could save up to:

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