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If you work on innovative projects, you could be entitled to a significant cash injection from the UK Government. We’ve helped thousands of clients claim more than £900m in R&D Tax Relief – so we know exactly how to maximise your claim. To start your journey, simply fill in our R&D Tax Credit Calculator!

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        We can help you maximise your R&D Tax Credits claim

        Using our R&D Tax Credits Calculator will give you an example calculation of how much you might be able to claim. It’s a great place to start, but to really maximise your savings we’d recommend getting in touch with one of our friendly experts – they’ll be happy to help!
        We’re a specialist R&D Tax consultancy. Our in-house expertise makes us uniquely placed to help innovative businesses with their claims. Our consultants have years of field experience, allowing them to dive into the details of your R&D project and identify all of the areas where you can receive financial benefits through R&D Tax Credits.
        Not only will our experts be able to help you maximise your financial savings, we will also ensure full compliance with HMRC’s regulations. Working with us will save you time and money and give you peace of mind. We can even help you claim more potential savings if you’re already claiming R&D Tax Relief.

        Have a question about your R&D Tax Credit calculation?

        If you have a question that is specific to your business, we can help. For over 12 years we’ve helped UK businesses maximise their R&D Tax Relief claims. Not only do we have highly qualified tax experts, our technical consultants also have experience across a range of software, science and engineering industries.