Working on innovative solutions for manufacturing challenges?

You may be eligible for significant tax credits.

Is your business missing out on valuable R&D Tax Relief?

The manufacturing sector is constantly striving to increase efficiency, improve functionality and solve production problems. R&D tax relief is a key method for manufacturing businesses to receive an important financial benefit which can be reinvested into further innovation. More than a quarter of the R&D Tax Relief claims in 2017/18 came from the manufacturing industry but there are still thousands of UK businesses which are missing out on this financial support because of a lack of awareness of eligibility.

Our Expertise

Claimed by Manufacturing clients millions (£)


Manufacturing businesses supported


Average claim benefit (£)

43 000

Examples of R&D within Manufacturing:

  • Design and development or new machine prototypes with new functionality
  • Waste reduction through machinery or process innovation
  • Integrating technically complex manufacturing processes
  • Design or manufacturing of novel or bespoke tools for product manufacturing
  • Development of machinery or forming processes with greater precision or using new materials
  • Methods to reduce environmental impact through the use of alternative processes or materials
  • Scaling up or increasing the precision of processes with new materials or machinery

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Our highly qualified in-house teams constantly monitor market development and government funding opportunities to provide the most up-to date cost saving solutions. We offer support around a number of government schemes including:

R&D Tax Relief

We support businesses to claim tax relief on innovative projects.

Patent Box

We identify, map and analyse patent tax relief opportunities.

Land Remediation Relief

We help businesses claim tax relief on cleaning up contaminated land.