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The R&D Tax Credits scheme allows businesses in the oil & gas industry to reduce their corporate tax bill or receive a tax refund based on a proportion of their R&D expenditure.The scheme can be used by any limited company that is liable for corporation tax in the UK and meets the necessary R&D criteria; it can even be used on unsuccessful projects.The work that qualifies for R&D tax relief must be part of a specific project which aims to make an advance in its field. If you are developing a new process, a new product or service, or perhaps even improving an existing one, R&D Tax Credits provide an often vital cash injection for businesses. Since 2010, we have helped thousands of clients successfully claim more than £1 billion in R&D tax relief.

R&D in the oil and gas industry

  • Appreciable enhancements to the electrical control infrastructure of a launch and recovery system, with extensive system integration to the auxiliary features of an offshore support vessel;
  • Development of novel installation methodology for a first-of-kind subsea energy storage and remote power generation system;
  • Appreciable improvement to the accuracy and safety of existing underwater abrasive nozzle cutting processes,through the development of a magnetic holding mechanism for precise alignment and reduced diver intervention;
  • Appreciable improvements to the efficiency of an existing ROV inspection process, through the development of a small arm for the repositioning of the inspection probe without the need for ROV;
  • Development of a novel deployment system to allow for oil well abandonment using a construction support vessel, allowing for improved operational efficiencies as opposed to the existing standard procedures which utilised larger, more expensive mobile offshore drilling units.

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