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    • Jan 12, 2023
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Is your business looking to claim R&D Tax Credits online? Claiming Research & Development Tax Credits can give your company a much-needed cash boost, but many businesses struggle with HMRC’s complex claims process. That’s why we’ve created Leyton For Me, a secure online platform that streamlines and simplifies the R&D claims process. The platform connects you directly to our dedicated technical and financial consultants [YEH1] through an online dashboard that allows you to collaborate and exchange documents and other relevant details.

This article walks you through everything you need to know about our unique R&D Tax Credits software.

What does an online R&D Tax Credits software platform do?

Leyton For Me, our online R&D Tax Credits platform, is a file-sharing tool that speeds up the R&D Tax Relief claims process and ensures that your application is compliant. The platform eases the exchange of information and documents via our highly secure process, and guides you through all steps of your Research & Development Tax Credit claim. The tool also gives complete transparency, allowing you to follow the progress of your R&D claim with our easy-to-use online dashboard.

Not only will your business have access to our user-friendly R&D Tax Credits Software, you’ll also have direct access to our team of tax and technical experts. And when we say direct access, we mean direct access, as the platform contains your dedicated consultant’s email and phone number! Find out more about how Leyton supports R&D Tax Relief claims.

What are the benefits of using an online R&D Tax Credits software platform?

Using an R&D Tax Credits software platform, such as Leyton For Me, has several key advantages:

1) It allows you to share documents and upload deliverables easily

When you partner with Leyton, your business is assigned an expert team of tax and technical experts to manage your claim. Your dedicated consultant will request documents to help complete your claim, which can be uploaded easily and securely. The tool also helpfully allows you to create deposit links to allow other employees from your business to send us documents.

2) You can review the history of your claim and information shared with your consultants

Having a centralised location for correspondence helps keep the process clear and simple for all involved. In real-time you can see the progress of your case, including which R&D projects are eligible for tax credits. You have access to the history of exchanges at any time (including email exchanges), allowing you to review your entire claim quickly and easily.

3) You have access to the latest tax information and news

There are constant updates on legal and fiscal changes from HMRC, which may affect your current or future claims. To help keep you stay ahead of the curve, the platform has an up-to-date information hub which hosts relevant news on funding and claims and other insights from Leyton.

4) You have a secure connection to your dedicated claim workspace

Security is paramount for any claim. Documents are uploaded through a highly secure process, and you can choose which members of your team have access to these documents. Uploading of documents becomes locked after submission to ensure complete confidentiality.

5) It makes sure that your claim is successful

Leyton For Me has been designed with HMRC’s processes in mind. The platform allows our specialist R&D tax consultants to check all of research and development activity for your claim, give feedback, and ensure that your application is robust and compliant. The process also allows us to identify all qualifying expenditures to maximise the financial relief that we’re able to claim for your business.

Will Leyton For Me help me file my R&D Tax claim digitally with HMRC?

From April 2023 new legislation is being introduced that requires all R&D claims to be submitted digitally through HMRC’s online tax return portal. This means that organising your R&D Tax claim into one clear report for online submission is now more important than ever.

Our online R&D Tax Credits software platform LEYTON FOR ME will help you make the switch to digital. Our consultants will work with you to prepare the technical report of R&D activity for HMRC. Once complete and checked by our expert team of tax and technical specialists, the report can be downloaded for submitting digital to HMRC.

Find out more about how R&D Tax Relief Is Changing from April 2023.

Which R&D Tax Credit schemes does Leyton For Me help my business apply for?

Leyton For Me can be used for Research and Development Tax Relief claims, including SME R&D Tax Relief and R&D Expenditure Credit (RDEC). You can find out more about the schemes by reading our blog SME vs RDEC: What Are The Differences Between The SME & RDEC R&D Tax Credit Schemes?

Leyton For Me Testimonials

We have a 99% user satisfaction score from 2,679 users. Here’s what our clients say about Leyton For Me:

It is functional and clear. The navigation is easy, intuitive and I particularly appreciate the organisation of documents by assignment. The tool is a real time saver, it is very professional and it is a token of quality of the work provided by Leyton. – TS Plus

Total satisfaction with the tool. It is modern, easy to use and guarantees simple and secure document filing. It is a much more intuitive solution than the document platforms that have been used up to now. It complements the relationship with the consultant and makes the assignment run more smoothly. – Poisson Soluble

Are you looking for an Online R&D Tax Credits Software for your tax relief claim?

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