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    • Jul 25, 2022
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About the client

CloudSource is a leading Microsoft Gold Partner that specialises in providing Digital Transformation, Strategy, and Delivery services to UK Public Sector organisations. They empower public sector organisations to provide seamless citizen and stakeholder experiences through their tried and tested methodology, industry focused consulting team and Microsoft technology expertise.

The Benefit

The biggest benefit of the R&D tax credit claim for cloudsource was that it proved to be a vital ingredient in enabling the development and design of their Digital Data and Technology (DDaT) solutions. The benefit also allowed them to increase their workload capacity with ease and has meant they are now able to focus on the design and devlopment aspect of the business whilst continuously improving upon their DDaT solutions.

“Oliver was able to grasp very quickly the unique nature of our business and advise and guide us through the claim process which has had a positive output year on year. They are highly competent, knowledgeable and professional and they guided us through the process so it seemed to be effortless for us. They helped us set up processes to help us with claims in subsequent years. I would highly recommend Oliver and his team.”

Susannah Williams Chief Operating Officer

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