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Alpha FX

    • Sep 22, 2020
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Alpha FX case study

About the client

Alpha Group International is a publicly listed financial services company with headquarters in London. The company is traded on the Alternative Investment Market. The organisation splits its operations between risk management and alternative banking solutions.

“The investment that we have recovered with the help of Leyton will enable us to explore further innovative solutions to better serve our clients and grow our business. Working with Leyton was straight-forward and the team were available whenever we needed them – I would highly recommend Leyton to other companies.”

Alpha FX


The Alpha FX team used a custom cloud based platform which supports several programming languages and is used as a web application deployment mode. This allows the developers to build, run, and operate applications entirely within their own custom cloud architecture. The R&D has enabled the team to introduce new functionality which has pushed the platform to the front of the market. R&D has enabled Alpha FX to differentiate themselves within their market because rather than use an existing platform that becomes unwieldy and redundant over time they have built their own one that matches their specific requirements. The team then invested their resource in R&D to ensure the new system would overcome any technological challenges.

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