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Find out how Leyton helped Winch Design claim R&D Tax Credits on their highly bespoke projects

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Paul Stephens, CFO, Winch Design

With some of the larger consultancies, you often find yourself paying for the ‘brand’. Sometimes this seems to involve little more than them just putting their logo on a piece of work you could have done yourself. With Leyton, it is not just the brand you are getting but also their technical knowledge which sets them apart

About the business

Winch Design is the UK’s leading super yacht and private jet architect. The company specialises in land, sea and air, managing the entire end-to-end process from concept to delivery. The work Winch Design carries out is highly bespoke. All projects they undertake are unique and tailored to each client’s specific requirements.

Leyton’s fee is absolutely worth paying as I could not have done the work myself and it is good to have the Leyton badge on the report we submit to HMRC. It is Leyton’s acumen that we needed; I think if we had tried to submit the claim ourselves, the financial benefits for our business would not have been nearly as strong.


There is a high degree of technicality within the engineering requirements which go into each project, for example, ensuring that aerodynamics are not compromised when meeting a client’s design requisites. The business often has to overcome challenges when combining aesthetics and practicality; it is virtually impossible to reuse elements from previous projects in new projects due to the uniqueness of each one.

Working with Leyton

The process for Winch Design’s first claim involved in-depth interviews between Leyton and the company’s architectural design team to assemble the information required by HMRC to maximise the value of their claim. The Leyton Consultant that worked with Winch holds an Aeronautical Engineering degree so possesses the technical knowledge to be able to talk knowledgably with the company’s technical team, uncover all eligible R&D project work and extract the necessary information for the claim. Leyton is now working with Winch on their R&D claim for the third year running.

I knew that various innovation schemes existed however I was unaware of R&D legislation and even more so, that it might apply to Winch. I was initially a little cynical about whether we would qualify however I learnt that R&D Tax Credits are all about innovation and creative thinking, and are often much broader than the branding of the scheme appears


The benefits of the scheme have quickly evolved for the client, with the first year’s claim providing an unexpected and convenient cash boost. Now the business knows it can claim under the scheme every year, the additional funds have been built into Winch’s budgets moving forwards.

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