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How Leyton helped Pied a Terre restaurant financially benefit from their innovative menu and unique dining experience.

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David Moore, Owner, Pied à Terre Restaurant

Having worked with Leyton, we are more mindful of what can and can’t be claimed for, we are more clued up; making notes, logging activity and reverting back to Leyton when we come to claim. We pride ourselves on keeping the menu fresh and contemporary, there are probably thousands of businesses like ours that don’t realise what they are doing to keep themselves relevant can benefit them financially.

About the business

Pied à Terre is a small, family-owned own Michelin star restaurant based in Fitzrovia, London. The restaurant has been run by David Moore and his wife for 28 years and is one of London’s longest standing Michelin fine dining restaurants. The restaurant sees itself not as a business but as a lifestyle, offering exceptional quality food and diligently looking after their customers, providing them with a unique and intimate dining experience.

Leyton’s team were very knowledgeable about the restaurant industry and quick to identify that the concept we had could be claim as R&D. There was no chance of the team wasting our time on something they thought wouldn’t qualify. Leyton are able to keep you focused on the winners.


Pied à Terre sits at the cutting edge of the modern dining experience and has a distinctive and creative style. Their head chefs are always looking to do things differently and find new ways of being innovative with food in order to stay relevant. Before working with Leyton, the client was not aware of the R&D scheme, although innovation was at the heart of the business, they didn’t realise they could claim on the work they were doing.

Benefit for the client

The restaurant is now more mindful of the innovation they are carrying out, commenting that “there is some work to be done when claiming, but it is definitely worth it”. Although R&D was already a key part of the business, they are now more diligent when testing new dishes and make notes of things in order to prepare for their next claim. As a result of the scheme, the log their work and then revert back to Leyton when they come to claim for it.

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