R&D Tax Credit Explainer for Software Businesses

Understanding how to access R&D Tax Credit is not easy for software businesses. In our FREE guide, you will be able to find: key examples of qualifying R&D, financial information about the scheme for both profit and loss making businesses, the cost categories that can be included in your claim and an exclusive case study from one of our Software clients.

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    What kind of software projects qualify for R&D Tax Credits?

    • Cutting edge software for new projects, or new functionality for existing R&D projects
    • Tools to improve the functionality of application software programs or of an operating system
    • Novel data management techniques
    • Innovative methods of capturing, transmitting, manipulating, and protecting data
    • Extensions to database software, programming languages, or operating systems
    • Software development tools, such as those to port data across platforms
    • Developing means of integrating hardware and software platforms

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