R&D tax credits, a key ingredient to help UK businesses sustainability.

  • By François Gouilliard
    • 10 Nov, 2022
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R&D tax credits

Over the last 20 years R&D Tax Credits have helped thousands of UK businesses to invest in R&D, improve their competitiveness, attract researchers and foreign investors. It’s a breath of fresh air for those companies which always have to show ingenuity to keep up with the world’s competition. In difficult times like the pandemic and now the energy crisis, innovation is critical for most of those businesses, especially SMEs.  

We are proud at Leyton to have helped our clients finance their product innovation, hire and keep the best UK scientists and digital expert and adapt their model to the new challenges of their industry.

Here are some examples of great companies we are proud to have supported.

CloudSource, a leading Microsoft Gold Partner digitizes public services to meet citizen expectations that were born out of Covid. The biggest benefit of the R&D tax credit claim for Cloudsource  was that it proved to be a vital ingredient enabling the development and design of their Digital Data and Technology (DDaT) solutions. The benefit also allowed them to increase their workload capacity.

Destina Genomics, an early stage research and development company, spun-out from research originating at the University of Edinburgh School of Chemistry, develops transformative technology for the direct, PCR free detection of nucleic acid biomarkers, important in diagnosing for drug toxicities, cancer and disease. At the early stage where the business is dependent on grants and investor seed capital, every pound is really important for the company, and can make a huge difference to financing its research. With R&D tax credit they were able to allocate more funds and make better R&D project funding decisions.

Seanamic Group provides their engineering and manufacturing services to international energy, defence, oceanographic science and seismic industries. R&D Tax Credit helps their engineers develop always more innovative products.

Alvis Brothers, are undertaking a long term research objective which aims to minimise the environmental impact of its farming practices via conducting responsible farming techniques. The money received from R&D Tax Credits has helped them build toward their goal of becoming a carbon neutral farm by 2032.


François Gouilliard

CEO & Founder

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