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Destina Genomics

    • 30-03-2023
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DestiNA Genomics case study

Hugh Ilyine, Destina Genomics

There is a feeling of support that comes not only from the British government providing this funding, but also from working with Leyton. Leyton’s work has been very rewarding for us, not just financially but also in terms of the motivation, headspace and management of the company


Destina Genomics uses their unique, patented chemistry to accurately detect nucleic acid biomarkers in biological fluids such as blood serum and plasma, urine and saliva. With simpler protocols and high specificity, accurate direct quantification of short RNA biomarkers is now possible in biological fluids such as blood plasma and urine, a truly innovative advance over traditional tissue based pathology procedures.


By learning about their client needs, Leyton developed a ‘stress free’ process for the engagement, and an end results success. With a broad experience of working with other consultants, the client commented that Leyton had a contributory and balanced approach, with all the work prepared in a timely and friendly manner. Leyton was able to facilitate a quick turnaround during periods where the business faced time and project priority constraints.

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