CES 2022 Las Vegas reveals the latest trends for this new year

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    • Jan 24, 2022
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CES 2022, the world’s largest annual technology event, took place during the first week of the year from January 5th to January 7th. After a pause, since last year was postponed due to the pandemic, the city of Las Vegas, located in the state of Nevada, welcomed more than 40 thousand attendees, adding up to 2300 exhibiting companies, among which we find well-known names such as Samsung, Sony or Canon.

The show must go on physically and digitally

Even though for this edition the situation at the international level was not like in 2021, the latest upturns and the appearances of new variants reduced the participation of well-known companies as in the case of Alphabet (Google) Platform Meta (formerly known as Facebook), Microsoft or Amazon. Many of the attendees preferred to give conferences remotely, as was the case of María Barra, CEO of General Motors, while other renowned firms such as Lenovo, LG Electronics, or Panasonic considerably reduced the participation of their staff.

Likewise, CES had attendees from all countries, including Canada, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, and almost all European countries. The organization ensured that those who could not attend had a special platform to follow it remotely, as well as a phone application for attendees which functioned as a social network, being able to add other attendees, close meetings, or see the schedules and locations of the conferences.

Las Vegas Convention Center – CES 2022

The Leyton delegation and the winners of the Leyton CES 2022 Challenge attending

This global event has served as a showcase for innovation and technological trends that will mark the year 2022 and therefore the delegations from Leyton France, Spain, Sweden, Canada, and the United States were present. The international team had three booths at the Eureka Park for the winning startups of the last Leyton CES Challenge 2022: Moa Foodtech, Heole, and Inbrain Neuroelectronics. In addition, we also invited some of our customers such as Luca Rossettini, one of the founders and CEO of the aerospace company D-Orbit.

Selection of innovation from the Leyton Canadian team

The Leyton Canadian team was all set up to find the latest trends and innovation, and to help companies of all sizes discover how they can empower their future with Leyton. Watch the video to discover their selection of innovative companies:

  • For Tim Branch, Sales Manager – US Market, it was the company ShowcasePCs, which are based out of California. “They have created a holographic interface that gamers can use to literally have their game jump out of the screen. “
  • For Carly Davison, Commercial Associate, it was the company Snowbot from Shenzhen, China, with their product called Snowbot S1 who is here to solve the world’s snow shovelling pains. “This is an amazing innovation that allows homeowners to enjoy their snowy days rather than spending hours clearing their sidewalks and driveways.
  • For Kevin Leveille, Business Development Manager, it was the company Asahi Kasei from Japan with their product the AKXY POD. “This self-driving car interior prototype design was really great. Every sense is being targeted with amazing audio visual effects, olfactory stimulation and quality material to the touch. While still in development, the presented product looks great.

CES 2022 marked by innovative trends

After days of walking around, exploring booths, and talking to experts and professionals of different nationalities, we can say that CES 2022 was marked by the following trends:

  • Food Tech: Food technology and innovation was one of the strongest themes of the event. The fact of putting a hamburger or nuggets made without meat in your mouth is finally a reality. This topic will undoubtedly revolutionize the food industry and at Leyton we share that it is a sustainable method for the future. Without going any further, one of the startups that won our Leyton CES Challenge and in which we strongly believe is Moa Foodtech, which combines biotechnology and artificial intelligence to transform waste and by-products from the agri-food industry into a ”new generation protein” of high nutritional value and 100% sustainable.
  • Aerospace industry: Another topic under the spotlight and one of the most innovative. Within the sector, this year 2022 will be marked by space exploration trips and many technological innovations. We were able to learn about Sierra Nevada Corporation’s special long-lasting inflatable habitats or Bosch’s robot that detects faults based on the noise produced around it. In our case, we had the pleasure of attending with our client, D-Orbit, an Italian aerospace company, which develops their own space logistics technology and transportation solutions.
  • Automotive sector: Electric cars are the future, or at least that was what Elon Musk, Tesla co-founder and leader, said not so long ago. Following the lead of the American company, Sony, General Motors, Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz have joined his argument.  As stated by Karen Chupka, executive president of the Customer Technology Association, “The growth of technology focused on electric vehicles will be one of those that will invade the halls of the LVCC and in the case of this industry, the entire West Hall area will be dedicated to the exhibitors of this industry, as we see that it is one of the most popular“. The newest thing associated with this theme, would be the new applications of this resource, moving from self-driving vehicles to tractors or trucks to make it possible for companies to maintain sustainable logistics.
  • Smart homes: These pandemic years have forced us to spend a huge amount of time at home, and that has greatly sparked creativity within the sector. The home technology showcased at CES focused on helping users relax or increase the quality of life inside the home. From fragranced air purifiers, temperature and light controllers, to toilets and bathtubs that respond on their own according to the time of day.
  • NFT Games: The growing popularity of NFT or play-to-earn games have led to this sector having a space at this event. These games, associated with cryptocurrencies and digital assets, offer a new opportunity for creators, artists, musicians, and influencers to sell work that would otherwise not be available in the market. This comes hand in hand with the presentation of the already well known new ”Metaverse”, which will be part of the next generation of the Internet, which will transmit increasingly immersive digital experiences. Among the different stands, we could see that several companies presented their products to interact with this Metaverse or create the already talked about real experiences, such as Samsung with ”My House”. Samsung offered this way in the Metaverse for their customers to get familiar with their products and experience ways to improve and customize their homes. We also met Owo, a Spanish company that presented a suit with which you could have more than 30 sensations to increase the reality inside the Metaverse.

Although we would consider that these were the most cutting-edge trends, we could also mention other curiosities, such as the application presented by Petnow, which identified the nose of a dog as if it were a human fingerprint, as it is a unique and infallible identifiable factor or various topics with innovations in cybersecurity, encryption, and biometric data.

Undoubtedly, CES 2022 was full of innovation and technology, and it was a great experience to attend and talk in-person with different professionals. There is no doubt that the Leyton team will be back to visit Vegas next year.

If you missed our daily vlog and want to discover more about the trends and innovation from CES 2022, you can watch them today:

See you at CES 2023!

Elena Martinez-Esparza – Regional Marketing Manager at Leyton Iberia

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