State R&D Tax Credits

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What are State R&D Tax Incentives?

Many states offer their own version of the R&D Tax Credit for eligible businesses. Like the federal R&D Tax Credit, which mandates that companies conduct research in the United States to be eligible for the credit, each state requires that research be conducted in-state for a business to qualify for the credit. A company that conducts research in multiple states may be able to claim tax credits in every one of them.

The map below shows the states in orange that offer an R&D Tax Credit. Leyton can assist in the claim of state R&D Tax Credit in addition to the federal R&D Credit.

Are you in an orange state?

*The eligibility of the R&D Tax Credit and mechanism of credit calculation varies significantly from state to state. For questions regarding credit availability in your specific state, please reach out to us. Leyton’s tax experts are here to answer your questions.

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