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Nexus Study

A comprehensive analysis of your company’s state and local tax filing footprint

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    What is a Nexus Study?

    Leyton’s initial approach to the development of a robust SALT strategy generally take the form of a ‘Nexus Study’: an in-depth analysis about whether your business has sufficient connections (or, Nexus) in a state to trigger the requirement to pay state taxes, including sales & use tax, income/franchise tax, employment tax, excise tax, and any other relevant state taxes.

    Every growth-minded business needs a State & Local Tax (SALT) strategy, and the first step to ensuring your business is positioned well from a SALT standpoint is determining which state taxes it should be filing, and where it should be filing them.

    This strategy ensures that your business is

    1. Valued correctly
    2. Prepared for growth
    3. Compliant with state and local laws
    4. Ready for sales tax automation
    5. Well placed to tackle a state tax audit

    How Leyton Helps

    What many businesses don’t know is that while their CPA, payroll provider, and/or their Sales Tax software provider might be covering the ‘compliance’ (or, filing) component of their state taxes, these processes generally need additional support from a ‘consulting’ (or, strategic) perspective, ensuring that the right state taxes are being filed in the correct jurisdictions.

    Our experts do this by examining all locations of real and personal property, onsite and remote workforce employee locations, and all revenue streams. Our experts will provide you with an in-depth memorandum with recommendations for next steps, detailing the rationale and methodology used when reviewing company information and applying the relevant rules and regulations to the company’s specific scenario.

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    Leyton’s State & Local Tax (SALT) experts work alongside your accountants and automation solutions to ensure that your business has its SALT affairs in order, providing accurate insights that enable sustainable business expansion. Whether it be identifying state tax exposures, rectifying those exposures, or providing advice on an ongoing basis, our experts will guide you through the complexities of SALT in a value-adding and efficient manner.

    Brian Ess, J.D.

    State & Local Tax Practice Leader

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