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Supporting Innovation in the Food and Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industry is constantly evolving to adapt to new diet trends and global changes to maintain environmental sustainability.

Looking to minimize your environmental impact and expand your recipe portfolio?

Claiming these tax credits can help companies in the food and beverage industry to create more sustainable and efficient production processes and improved product quality to meet the nutritional demands of the current consumer market. The demand for organic, environmentally friendly, and vegan food and beverage options continues to grow year-over-year.

Leyton’s dedicated team of food and beverage technical experts combined with tax attorneys and accountants are ready to help your business fund innovative development of these in-demand products.

Food and beverage companies are ideal candidates for the Research & Development Tax Credit, the Employee Retention Credit and Energy Efficiency Incentives, and State and Local Tax Analysis designed to help you sustainably meet consumer expectations in an ever-changing market. Our services are designed to help you grow your business.

R&D Tax Credit

Support your business growth with extra cash flow!
The US government offers billions of dollars yearly to encourage
Research and Development in more than 65 industries.

How your Food and Beverage Business can qualify for the R&D Tax Credit

  • Improving the taste, texture, or nutritional content of food product formulations 
  • Improving machinery and equipment to ensure safe handling of food or grape harvesting 
  • Creating new packaging to improve shelf life or to be more environmentally friendly   
  • Experimenting with recipe development, temperature treatment, filtration and clarification methods and chemicals 
  • Internal process improvements such as fermentation processes, evaluation of alternative aging methods 
  • Genetic engineering/Tissue culturing, Biodynamic winemaking 
  • Working with custom-crush or determining the parameters to optimize juice extraction 

Claim Your Employee Retention Credit Now!

Receive up to $26,000 per employee.
We’ll calculate your ERC for all applicable financial quarters during 2020 and 2021, ensuring you are receiving your maximum benefit.

How your Food and Beverage Business can qualify for the Employee Retention Credit

  • dashboard

    Your income has been reduced by 20% or more in 2021 compared to 2019

  • forum

    Your business had to close or partially shutdown due to COVID-19

  • upload_file

    Your business or nonprofit has 10 or more W2 employees

Energy Efficiency Incentives

Improving Business Performance through Sustainability & ESG

Energy Efficiency Qualifying Questions

  • help

    Have you built a new building or upgraded an existing building in the last three years?

  • help

    Have you built or upgraded a multifamily block that has three floors or fewer in the last three years?

  • help

    Have you fitted those buildings with energy efficient systems across HVAC, Lighting, and Envelope

  • help

    Are you working on projects that involve renewable energy or decarbonization?

State and Local Tax (SALT)

Helping multi-state businesses navigate complexities of SALT

State and Local Taxes (SALT) Qualifying Questions

  • help

    Do you have employees working in multiple states?

  • help

    Do you sell your products or services in multiple states?

  • help

    Do you store inventory in multiple states?

  • help

    Do you use a Sales Tax compliance automation software?

  • help

    Are you currently going through a state tax audit?

  • help

    Have you recently received a nexus questionnaire from a state authority?

Great People
Define Our Success

Leyton’s team of highly experienced engineers, scientists, tax accountants, and attorneys create strong partnerships with each client to ensure maximum financial returns.

Savannah Durham, BSE

Senior Technical Consultant

Alison Michell BSE

Senior Technical Consultant

Benjamin Brissette, MBA

Financial Consultant

Devin Medrek

Financial Team Lead

Client Testimonial


“Leyton provided a valuable financial benefit to Honig. They simply and clearly explained what they were proposing. They told me exactly what I needed to do and were easy to work with. Honig benefited, and I felt the cost of Leyton’s services was very reasonable.”

Tony Benedetti, Chief Operating Officer Honig Vineyard and Winery


“The Leyton team was wonderful to work with. Each professional made the complex and cumbersome process straightforward and efficient. Leyton counseled us all along the way, recommending various courses of action to achieve optimized results. They also worked seamlessly with each functional area – from engineering and product development to finance.”

Chief Financial Officer Food Science Company


“Leyton did an incredible job learning about, and understanding, our production process to apply R&D tax credit principles to our situation, with surprisingly minimal invasiveness to us. The tax credit we receive is easily worth the time we put into working with Leyton on the project!”

Managing Member Craft Brewery Company


During all the projects there was a lot of flexibility and agility where Leyton was able to adapt. The first year was a good experience and then the next years were even easier and now it’s just like rolling this forward with all new data and the process is very streamlined and goes very smoothly.

Jerome Negro, Senior Financial Controller GoGo squeeZ

Backed by 25 years of experience, we’re here to empower your future.

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