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Leyton is an international consulting firm that helps businesses leverage financial incentives to accelerate their growth and achieve long-lasting performance.

Our Teams Help Improve Your Business Performance

Leyton remains first and foremost an entrepreneurial adventure, which began with the perseverance of two determined characters: François Gouilliard co-founder and chairman, and Olivier de Beauminy, Co-founder.

Our consultants simplify access to complex incentives. Combined teams of highly skilled Tax and Technical specialists enhanced with cutting-edge digital tools maximize the financial and non-dilutive benefit for all types of businesses and organizations.

With compliance always front of mind, we have been delivering optimal services for our clients for 25 years. This provides peace of mind that you will always receive the maximum benefit, without taking risks.

Leyton is assisting businesses to simplify access to complex tax credits & strategies.

Tax Credit Experts Enable Opportunities for Businesses

The Leyton Spirit


Our People arrow_outwardarrow_outward

Leyton’s people are equipped with an agile & proactive mindset that brings precise answers to specific organizational challenges while providing long-lasting process recommendations & financial leverage. With our people as our greatest asset, we’ve internally promoted to build 90% of our leadership team and continue to capture the best talent for our clients.


    Spirit of innovation arrow_outwardarrow_outward

    Our internal tech lab allows our experts, technical and financial consultants, to use applications and tools combining artificial intelligence, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and data management to offer our customers services and solutions that are state-of-the-art.


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      Leyton goes beyond consultancy & financial leverage, and takes responsibility in fostering collaborative actions to build up a sustainable & responsible future.

        Why you should choose Leyton


        Maximize your Claim

        We ensure you are claiming all relevant tax credits and receiving your maximum benefit, thanks to our exclusive expertise in both tax and sciences


        Audit Support

        In the unlikely case of an audit, our tax attorneys who have 20+ years of experience provide the legal defense needed. 16 hours are complimentary in our service.


        Team of Experts

        We have over 70 specialists on staff to calculate your claim and keep up with the legislation change. The team comprises of accountants, scientists, engineers, & doctors.


        Saved Time

        Submit your documentation and discover your claim in minutes using our digital platform REV, powered by Leyton

        Key Figures

        Years of experience


        Industries Served


        Tax and Technical Experts






        How we can help
        your business

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          Claim up to $26,000 per employee through the Employee Retention Credit
        • view_in_ar_new
          Leverage Energy Incentives that improve your business performance
        • lightbulb_circle
          Strengthen your State Tax Strategy
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          Innovative companies can claim the Research & Development Tax Credit
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          Partner with Leyton to support your network & client base
        • paid
          Startup companies can claim up to $1.25M through the Payroll Tax Credit

        Meet our Leadership Team

        How do your team’s ideas influence the company’s direction?

        “We encourage new ideas be voiced and given the chance to be pursued. People regularly join in entry-level roles and grow with the company, go on to manage teams, and ultimately become a key part in driving the strategy for the business. No matter how long someone has been with us they have the ability to influence our growth and diversification.” Tom McDanell: Senior Vice President

        “Encourage debate, create an environment where it is safe to express ideas, have them critiqued with the aim at coming to the best solution. Encourage everyone to understand the why of a decision or initiative and think win win on how to bring it to life.” Craig Hale: Senior Vice President

        Craig Hale

        Senior Vice President, Consulting

        Tom McDanell

        Senior Vice President, Sales