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R&D Case Study: Keon Research efficiently finds funding

    • Apr 19, 2023
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Discover how Keon Research, a Washington based innovation consultancy was able to maximize the benefits of the R&D Tax Credit with our experts.

How They Were Innovating

Keon Research focuses on the exploration, invention, and implementation of solutions for their clients. They first analyze the key needs of their clients in the entire innovation landscape combining technical, market and intellectual property gaps. Keon takes their research to invent and package solutions with the best IP and product strategies. What is unique about them is the ‘build’ and implementation process. This takes them a step further by designing and constructing prototypes to determine feasibility, benchmark against existing solutions, measure costs against risk and further refine solutions for a product. This process results in a clear development pathway for subsequent product development requirements.

Keon Research also developed a new software called Prolific to streamline their invention process and help clients advance their innovation workflow. Keon’s in-house team designed and built Prolific based on the success of various invention strategies in response to client needs for high-quality, patentable, and commercially viable solutions.

Impact of the R&D Tax Credit

Keon Research was able to claim the R&D Tax Credit with Leyton for 3 years and counting. Our team provided scientific expertise to thoroughly handle the auditing process. They plan to utilize the funds from this tax incentive to fund more R&D projects as it was a significant amount of money.

Additional funding will allow Keon to continue supporting their core businesses strategy of creating and delivering innovative solutions to their clients. Keon Research focuses on the exploration, invention, and implementation of solutions for their clients. Through this and many other creative strategies, Keon research has been unlocking ground-breaking products for many companies and organizations.

I really liked how Leyton brought in a wide breadth of expertise, such as bringing in a scientist to understand and assess our projects. The process did not take as long as we thought it might, in terms of overall hours, and Leyton’s experience was very helpful in guiding us through the process.

Heather Kelley, Co-Founder Keon Research

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