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Grants & Incentives Case Study: Columbus Instruments Discovers Over 15 Grant Opportunities!

    • Jun 22, 2023
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Taking Advantage of Leyton’s Technical Experts

Discover how Columbus Instruments has been developing cutting-edge instrumentation tailored for preclinical trials, enabling precise monitoring of the behavior and physiology of laboratory animals. They also have a strong focus on advancing the biodegradability and sustainability of diverse materials.

How They Were Innovating

Columbus Instruments conducts in-house manufacturing and software development for both their animal testing and sustainability efforts. They provide the equipment so universities and facilities can conduct controlled testing. Their efforts extend beyond mechanical engineering, encompassing the creation of custom firmware for equipment and software designed to analyze and quantify algorithms.

In relation to their metabolic preclinical side of the business, they are creating a cage of a chamber which uses RFID technology to measure the interaction of mice in an environment. Another product in the early stages of innovation is whole room telemetry scaled for human testing in a metabolic chamber they hope to take to market in two years.

Impact of Grants & Incentives

Leyton’s Grants & Incentives team had to become very knowledgeable on Columbus Instruments prior to conducting their study. Having a deep understanding of what Columbus Instruments does allowed the team to uncover 15 opportunities for them to take advantage of.

Eventually, our experts and Columbus Instruments chose 3 NIH grants to apply for so that they may continue their research and expand their product line. They are looking to create two additional product lines with grant funding.

Leyton’s ability to narrow down the overwhelming and time-consuming process proved immensely helpful. Their guidance enables you to focus on the essential tasks and take confident strides towards achieving your goals. We feel like this is a partnership because this is one of many opportunities to come.

Nathan Helmke, Controller Columbus Instruments

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