Driving Growth in the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the US economy, while at the same time supporting millions of jobs and reinvesting in our communities. Leyton can help build a strong foundation for your business. 

Want to learn how your company can better adapt to rising operational costs and irregular cash flows?

By leveraging government tax credits, hospitality businesses can continue to expand multi-state operations and accelerate their presence in the industry. Our experts are focused on how businesses can access cutting-edge government incentives for future innovation investment. Leyton helps companies in the hospitality industry claim the Employee Retention Credit, Energy Efficiency Incentives and State and Local Taxes (SALT)

Claim Your Employee Retention Credit Now!

Receive up to $26,000 per employee.
We’ll calculate your ERC for all applicable financial quarters during 2020 and 2021, ensuring you are receiving your maximum benefit.

Leyton makes the Employee Retention Tax Credit Secure, Quick and Accurate!

Our digitized tax tool makes claiming Tax Credits for your business smoother, faster, and more accurate- allowing you to focus on what’s next!

Through integrations and an easy-to-use- interface, you can sync your payroll and accounting software to share relevant business data and information.

Complete your claim on your own time while our team of tax and technical experts helps you maximize your credit.

Energy Efficiency Incentives

Improving Business Performance through Sustainability & ESG

State and Local Tax (SALT)

Helping multi-state businesses navigate complexities of SALT

Great People
Define Our Success

Our team made up of Tax and Technical experts are motivated to help your business robustly claim these to further innovation investment.

Devin Medrek

Financial Team Lead

Savannah Durham, BSE

Technical Consultant

Ebraheim Ismail, MSc.

Employee Retention Credit Team Leader

Benjamin Brissette, MBA

Financial Consultant

Karl Sussan, LLM, esq JD Law

Tax Attorney

Client Testimonial


“What was surprising and is still surprising to me are all the groups I speak with that haven’t taken the time to look at it (ERC) and see if their business qualifies.”

Peter Twachtman, CEO Lark


“Working with Leyton has been a great experience! They helped me unlock a lot of funds that we were then able to immediately put back into the business. This was especially helpful during the ongoing pandemic as our business was significantly affected. Looking forward to working with them again this year!”

David Chan, President Budget Restaurant Supply

Backed by 25 years of experience, we’re here to empower your future.

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