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R&D Case Study: Sapidyne Instruments Inc & GmbH claims R&D for 7 years!

    • May 03, 2023
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Taking Advantage of Leyton’s Technical Experts in Claim

Discover how Sapidyne Instruments & GmbH, a biotech research instrumentation manufacturer & contract research organization, was able to maximize the benefits of the R&D Tax Credit with our experts.

How They Were Innovating

Sapidyne developed various biotech research instruments and conducts contract research for the most accurate and sensitive affinity and kinetics data on the market.
They are best known for its proprietary Kinetic Exclusion Assay (KinExA®) technology, with KinExA-based instruments representing some of the most accurate and sensitive biosensors available on the market for the detection and quantification of biological binding interactions.
In addition to the development of these instruments, Sapidyne has also built a mobile laboratory product that is capable of performing PAH and potentially other immunoassay analyses onsite and in remote locations.

Impact of the R&D Tax Credit

Sapidyne Instruments Inc & GMBH has successfully claimed the R&D Tax Credit with the guidance of Leyton’s team for 7 years. The additional funding through this credit will allow Sapidyne to facilitate their current R&D projects. This will allow for the company to get products to market quicker.

They plan to continue working with Leyton for future years as President Hopkins states, “now that we know how easy it is, it is worth the effort.”

We had a great experience with Leyton. They communicated effectively and were able to get us tax documents quickly. The amount of tax credit we received was more than I had expected.

Elizabeth Hopkins, President Sapidyne Instruments Inc & GmbH R&D

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