Energy Efficiency Incentives

Helping businesses access sustainability incentives to improve their performance

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    What are Energy Efficiency Incentives?

    The US Government offers a wide variety of incentives that reward businesses for undertaking activities focused on environmental sustainability and energy efficiency. These incentives are administered in the form of federal and state-based tax credits, grants, rebates, and other forms of financial assistance. Leyton offers a turnkey solution that assists businesses in accessing these incentives.

    Our Process

    1. Identify the most beneficial incentives
    2. Gather relevant documents
    3. Our team conducts the study
    4. Deliver the final results

    Great People
    Define our Success

    Our team of Energy Efficiency Experts is comprised of dedicated Professional Engineers and Energy Consultants, all of whom are focused in helping businesses claim Energy Efficiency Incentives. Combined, our experts have conducted over 10,000 energy studies, including energy modeling, site inspections, and certifications of results.

    Mark Bacon, PE

    Practice Lead – Energy Efficiency

    Taylor Beamer, PE

    179D Engineering Manager

    Alex Ovalle

    Energy Modeling Manager

    Cedric James

    Senior Project Manager

    Sean Reville

    45L Consultant

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