Energy Efficiency Incentives

Helping businesses access sustainability incentives to improve their performance

What are Energy Efficiency Incentives?

The US Government offers a wide variety of incentives that reward businesses for undertaking activities focused on environmental sustainability and energy efficiency. These incentives are administered in the form of federal and state-based tax credits, grants, rebates, and other forms of financial assistance. Leyton offers a turnkey solution that assists businesses in accessing these incentives.

Our Process

  1. Identifying Energy Incentives you’re eligible for
  2. Assisting you with applying for them
  3. Preparing relevant submission documents
  4. Liaise with the relevant government agency on your behalf

Focus on Sustainability

Our in-house team of highly experienced engineers and tax consultants would love to answer all your questions and assist your business.

  1. Global experience
  2. Maximize your claim
  3. Audit Support
  4. Team of Experts

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    From identification of the incentive through to the submission of the application, our consultants will help your business access funds that will enable you to bolster your sustainability efforts.

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