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Sales & Use Tax Refund Reviews

Reclaiming Overpaid Sales & Use Taxes

    What is a Refund Review?

    Businesses often make purchases from vendors across the country. Whether these purchases be on materials, products, goods, or even services, it can almost be expected that errors in sales and use tax payments occur.

    Leyton’s Refund Reviews (also known as Reverse Sales & Use Tax Audit) services helps businesses reclaim these overpaid sales & use tax payments by filing for refunds in the states where these overpayments have occurred.

    Benefits for your business

    Any money reclaimed goes straight to the business’s bottom line; and

    Even if a refund is not recommended due to insufficient evidence, the business can ensure that it stops paying sales tax to companies going forward.

    How Leyton Helps

    1. Review all of the company’s state tax affairs in the state in question; and
    2. Determine whether there is sufficient evidence to warrant going through the refund process; and
    3. Prepare all the relevant paperwork; and
    4. Liaise with the state on the company’s behalf.

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    Define our Success

    Leyton’s State & Local Tax (SALT) experts work alongside your accountants and automation solutions to ensure that your business has its SALT affairs in order, providing accurate insights that enable sustainable business expansion. Whether it be identifying state tax exposures, rectifying those exposures, or providing advice on an ongoing basis, our experts will guide you through the complexities of SALT in a value-adding and efficient manner.

    Brian Ess, J.D.

    State & Local Tax Practice Leader

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