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General SALT Consulting

Ongoing and Niche State & Local Tax Consulting Services

    General SALT Consulting

    State & Local Tax (SALT) is a complex space with endless nuances that require specific expertise to navigate. Some of these nuances may be measures to rectify historical errors made, seek clarity on ambiguities, capitalize on opportunities, or receiving guidance in unique predicaments.

    Service Offering

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      State Tax Registrations

      We’ll help you navigate the complexities of registering as a taxpayer in any state.

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      Sales Tax Reporting

      We’ll help you submit required monthly reports to state agencies in states your business has nexus.

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      Private Letter Ruling Requests

      We’ll help you get to the bottom of any ambiguities when it comes to your business’s set of circumstances and the relevant laws pertaining to them.

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      State-Driven Tax Audit Defense

      We’ll represent you in the event that the state government comes knocking on your door with questions about state tax compliance.

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      Unclaimed Property Consulting

      We’ll ensure that you are reporting your unclaimed property correctly in each state.

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      Taxability Studies

      We’ll analyze your products and services to determine their tax status in each state.

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      Site Selection Studies

      We’ll review the state tax implications of the various locations you might be considering expanding your business into.

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    to ensure that your business has its SALT affairs in order, providing accurate insights that enable sustainable business expansion. Whether it be identifying state tax exposures, rectifying those exposures, or providing advice on an ongoing basis, our experts will guide you through the complexities of SALT in a value-adding and efficient manner.

    Brian Ess, J.D.

    State & Local Tax Practice Leader

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