Discover Grants and Incentives to Fund Your Innovation

Leyton’s approach to Grants and Incentives is strategic and holistic. Not only will we help you identify all the relevant funding opportunities, but we will also help you in prioritizing the right opportunities, and maximizing their potential benefit.

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    Grants & Incentives
    How are you financing your innovation activities?

    The Grants & Incentives landscape for innovative companies in the US is extensive. There are funding opportunities available to companies of all sizes and across a plethora of industries.

    Given the vastness of the space, most technology-driven businesses are not aware of all the incentives they may be eligible for. Leyton’s Grants & Incentives services demystify this landscape by helping businesses identify relevant funding opportunities and assisting in applying for them.

    Non-Dilutive Funding for Your Business

    Grants & Incentives are a great way to finance your innovation activities. They allow you to raise capital funds for your business without having to relinquish entity or enter into debt.

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    Define your success

    Trust in Leyton to help fund your innovative activities. Our team of Grants & Incentives Experts is made up of medical doctors, scientists, & engineers who will understand your innovation projects, and use their expertise to determine grant eligibility with accuracy and provide seamless assistance throughout any grant application process.

    Sanchari Biswas, Ph.D.

    Senior Analyst

    Savannah Durham, BSE

    Senior Technical Consultant

    Guilherme Silva Martins, PhD

    Technical Analyst

    Leyton’s Steps for Success

    We are here to help your business by ensuring that you are aware of what incentives you are eligible for, and well-equipped to obtain them.

    1. Demystification

    Our team of technical consultants will undertake a Grants & Incentives Research Study that outlines all relevant funding opportunities that the business may be eligible for. Each study includes key information about each opportunity identified as well as their relevant to the companies innovation activities.

    2. Application

    Upon identification of a relevant Grant or Incentive, we can assist with managing the application process, including drafting submissions, reviewing supporting documents, preparing project budgets, and liaising with key stakeholders both internally and externally.

    We helped them Identify Available Government Incentives

    Exeltis was extremely satisfied with the Grants & Incentives Research Study provided by Leyton US. The process was seamless, and the information within the study provided us with a clear and comprehensive overview of the various government incentives that were available to us. We highly recommend this service and look forward to working with Leyton US in the future.

    Massimo Chiesa, Project Manager Exeltis (Healthcare)

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