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We work with thousands of tax professionals to maximize the financial benefit for their clients through grants & tax incentives including Sales & Use Tax, R&D and ERC.

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    1. Robust Service Offerings – Outsource to the experts. Provide added value to your clients by offering additional tax incentives.
    2. Saved Time – Let Leyton do the heavy lifting. Our team will deliver all of the tax forms and substantiating documentation for your client’s claim.
    3. Best-in-Class Expertise – A highly qualified team of tax attorneys, accountants, scientists, engineers, & doctors will become a part of your organization.
    4. Audit Support – Audits happen – be prepared. Our tax attorneys who have 20+ years of experience provide the legal defense needed in the event of an audit.

    Here’s what GOCPA says about working with Leyton!

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    Lark Hotels Case Study

    How a boutique hotel chain claimed the Employee Retention Credit with Leyton for financial recovery from COVID-19.

    Things Are Changing

    New rules require companies to capitalize and amortize all IRC § 174 domestic qualified research expenses for tax return filings with respect to the 2022 tax year

    Why is the R&D tax credit the most underutilized credit in the us? Why is the R&D tax credit the most underutilized credit in the US?

    The R&D tax credit is the most underutilized tax credit, but it shouldn’t be! Did you know that over 70 industries are eligible? Review the history of the tax credit and find out how your clients qualify

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