Innovative Solutions for Medical Practices 

The medical industry is significantly aiding and bettering human life through procedures and research in human anatomy.

Do you want to improve and create new techniques and procedures?

Continual growth in the medical field will always play a critical role in improving quality of life and caring for patients. The highly competitive and technical aspect of the medical industry puts a lot of pressure on private practices to invest significant time and energy into improving techniques and procedures as well as innovating to create new procedures and methods so they can provide the highest quality of service without putting them at risk. Medical practices are ideal candidates for The Employee Retention Credit, R&D Tax Credit, Energy Efficiency, and State and Local Taxes (SALT).

R&D Tax Credit

Support your business growth with extra cash flow!
The US government offers billions of dollars yearly to encourage
Research and Development in more than 65 industries.

How your Medical Practice can qualify for the R&D Tax Credit

  • Testing new or improved surgical techniques 
  • Developing and optimizing patient treatment protocols and after-care protocols to improve treatment outcomes
  • Experimenting with and optimizing new applications for existing drugs and materials – off-label use 
  • Experimenting with new or improved techniques to decrease scarring, bruising, and/or healing time 
  • Performing research to standardize treatment protocols for specific patient populations to improve treatment outcomes, treatment success and efficiency 
  • And more…

Claim Your Employee Retention Credit Now!

Receive up to $26,000 per employee.
We’ll calculate your ERC for all applicable financial quarters during 2020 and 2021, ensuring you are receiving your maximum benefit.

How your Medical Practice can qualify for the Employee Retention Credit

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    Your income has been reduced by 20% or more in 2021 compared to 2019
  • forum
    Your business had to close or partially shutdown due to COVID-19
  • upload_file
    Your business or nonprofit has 10 or more W2 employees

Energy Efficiency Incentives

Improving Business Performance through Sustainability & ESG

Energy Efficiency Qualifying Questions

  • help
    Have you built a new building or upgraded an existing building in the last three years?
  • help
    Have you built or upgraded a multifamily block that has three floors or fewer in the last three years?
  • help
    Have you fitted those buildings with energy efficient systems across HVAC, Lighting, and Envelope
  • help
    Are you working on projects that involve renewable energy or decarbonization?

State and Local Tax (SALT)

Helping multi-state businesses navigate complexities of SALT

State and Local Taxes (SALT) Qualifying Questions

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    Do you have employees working in multiple states?
  • help
    Do you sell your products or services in multiple states?
  • help
    Do you store inventory in multiple states?
  • help
    Do you use a Sales Tax compliance automation software?
  • help
    Are you currently going through a state tax audit?
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    Have you recently received a nexus questionnaire from a state authority?

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Client Testimonial

“Leyton was easy to work with and they were patient with my distractions in getting information back to them. Their documentation was good, and my accountant was pleased.”

Frederick G. Weniger M.D. Weniger Plastic Surgery

“My experience with the team at Leyton was fantastic. I felt as though they took the time to understand my projects and helped answer questions along the way which made things easier for me to manage.”

Dr. Robert Kipp, President Pro-health Chiropractic

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