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R&D Case Study: United Dwelling reduces Payroll Tax Liability

    • Apr 19, 2023
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Utilizing the Payroll Tax Credit to Offset Cash for the Future

Discover how United Dwelling, a real estate construction company builds affordable housing and accessory units based in Los Angeles, was able to take advantage of the Payroll Tax Credit as a new business.

How They Were Innovating

United Dwelling conducts research and development through their design work and installations. They draw upon factory-built, modular and innovative construction techniques.

United Dwelling is committed to providing affordable housing and have assisted in passing a series of bills aimed at the construction of new, affordable housing. They also work with clients to transform backyards to generate income and maximize ROI. The process includes proprietary data to qualify a property, inspect and deliver detailed construction report, and efficiently build clients an ADU offsite to minimize noise and time.

Impact of the Payroll R&D Tax Credit

United Dwelling continues to claims the Payroll R&D Tax Credit with Leyton for the past 7 years. As a start-up, it can be difficult to get a successful business up and running as they work to gain revenue.

The Payroll Tax Credit provides the company additional financial support as a start-up. CFO Hada states that United Dwelling is “taking the payroll tax credit for now and preserving the income tax credit for later years when profitable.”

The payroll tax credit has been a nice offset to preserve cash. The collaboration with our teams was efficient, focused, and comprehensive. The relationship was great- response times, knowledge, and incisive questions/discovery were all very helpful.

David Hada, CFO United Dwelling

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