R&D Tax Credits: Reward your innovation and help your business to grow

Are you claiming valuable R&D Tax Relief?

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Maximising your R&D Tax Relief

  • Working with a specialist R&D Tax consultancy gives you the peace of mind that all eligible costs will be identified and included in your claim.
  • To date, we have delivered over £900m in R&D Tax Relief for our clients in the UK
  • Our expert technical and financial consultants will always work closely with your business to maximise the financial benefits realised from the scheme.
  • In many cases we have found that businesses using their own staff, an accountant or generalist consultancy firm for their R&D Tax claim resulted in a lower claim value than we would have calculated and achieved..

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    Key elements in optimising a claim:

    • Technical and Tax Expertise – All of our clients benefit from a dedicated technical expert and a specialist tax consultant working on their claim, this dual approach ensures all technical activity within a business is explored and the financial value of the claim is maximised.
    • Mutual knowledge transfer – Our team build an in-depth knowledge of our clients’ business in order to optimise their claim, this is achieved through activities such as site visits and requests for key documentation.
    • Collaboration – This is essential between the individual overseeing the qualifying activity and the individual involved in the financial aspect of the claim, this ensures our team can produce a technically robust and optimised claim.

    Our process


      Consultancy team introduction and key claim stakeholder identification. Previous R&D claims assessment and delivery timeline agreed.

      Financial Discovery

      Exploration of expenditure categories, R&D project expenditure data provision, financial document provision.

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