Makin Metal Powders

Phil Wilcock, Finance Director, Makin Metal Powders (UK ) Ltd

The process was substantially less effort than I expected. Due to the amount we spend on power in relation to turnover, we have been working on energy saving for a number of years. I would definitely recommend Leyton to others, they made the process as streamlined as it possibly could be. Working with the energy team was fantastic, they were very knowledgeable and I have been very pleased with the service we received.

About the client

Makin Metal Powders (UK) Ltd manufactures Copper Powder, Bronze Powder, Tin Powder, Infiltrants and Press-Ready Pre-Mix Powders along with other related alloys from their production facility in Rochdale. Their products are used across in 40 countries globally, supplying sectors including the automotive industry for breakpads, clutch plates and other engine parts. Making Metals often looks to develop new powders for applications, and expand their product application into new industries. The business employees 50 people and spends around £800,000 on their energy bills each year.

Working with Leyton

Makin Metals were aware of the Energy Tax Scheme and had attempted to apply in the past through other 3rd party however, the 3rd party had determined they didn’t meet the criteria. Leyton’s team were able to deduce very quickly that the business would in fact qualify for the scheme. The client simply sent over three years of accounts and Leyton’s team pulled out the necessary financial information. Due to the high energy costs, the client has already scanned their energy bills and was very organised in this area, which made the process very smooth.

Benefit for the business

The business has been looking for energy saving methods since 2015, they have installed LED lighting throughout the factory, use lower rating pumps and are looking to drive down the unit cost per tonne of power to reduce their KWh. Our dedicated Energy Tax team took the client through the claims process to receive relief against the cost of their energy bills. Despite previously being told they would not qualify by another consultancy, as a result of working with Leyton, the business was able to save five figures a month on their energy bills through the scheme.

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