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We were initially sceptical about if our work would qualify, but Leyton’s consultants explained this very well and reassured us, we have since successfully made many claims. Leyton ‘dragged’ us along and ensure we hit all our deadlines – which was definitely needed

About the business

Manalo & White Architects was established in 1999, they are a studio of architects with a strong reputation for providing imaginative, sustainable solutions, delivering buildings that are stimulating, coherent and engaging.


Manalo & White provide inventive and innovative ways of solving their clients’ problems using in-house expertise. While their R&D isn’t laboratory based, they constantly have to come up with novel ideas, for example, a client required a garden in central London which didn’t have the required infrastructure, so Manalo & White had to research innovative irrigation techniques, structural integrity of development and eco-system impact etc.


The cash injection from their successful R&D tax claims meant the business was able to purchase a brand-new piece of software in order to enter new markets using BIM software; without the R&D tax this would’ve been delayed by many months. Purchasing this new software has opened many new doors for the client and allowed them to reach levels that were previously unattainable.

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