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Financial Controller, Hyspec Engineering

Leyton were always on hand to chase up any issues. This claim needed minimal time and got us the maximum reward, I would recommend Leyton to other businesses. We didn’t realise we were able to claim and every business should have access to this. It’s a no brainer for people to take advantage of and feels like an untapped resource.

About the business

Hyspec Engineering is a subcontractor in the oil & gas industry. They have been satisfying the precision machining and engineering needs of clients for over three decades. Their highly skilled workforce and sophisticated machine tools mean they are expert at providing versatility, sophistication and above all precision. The business has 30 CNC machines and 118 employees, they turn clients ideas into reality making products and parts based on their detailed drawings and specifications. The work they carry out is very bespoke and unique with low quantities, high precision and complicated features.

The claims process was certainly easier than I thought it was going to be, I had to gather some SIC codes, dig out a few energy bills but Leyton took on most of the work and were the main contact with the energy suppliers.


Hyspec partnered with Leyton on their R&D Tax Credit claim and their Energy Tax Relief claim. R&D is part and parcel of the company ethos, and they try and do things as innovatively as possible. Hyspec try and work in the quickest way they can, adding different features and using different machinery to reduce the time taken on projects. They have been managing bespoke client relationships for 10 to 20 years and their innovation plays an integral role in helping clients achieve their vision.


Despite having an energy broker, the business wasn’t aware of the energy tax scheme, their first knowledge of the scheme was after speaking to Leyton’s sales team. After claiming with Leyton, the business been able to reap significant benefits from the scheme based on minimal effort from their side.

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