Gerco Fas

Gerco Fas

Leyton made the process incredibly simply, and I was impressed with the report that was put together. Our designated consultant was able to take on board what we do and was very competent. When it came down to what the scheme could provide for our business, it has put us in a position to spend more time developing new particulars, coming up with solutions for clients and working on design

About the business

Gerco Fas was founded in 1989, they install passive fire protection systems which can be used in both commercial and residential buildings. They offer a proactive and innovative approach to passive fire protection, ensuring they utilise the most advanced products and services. Their methods involve the formations of compartments within a building so the fire is contained to a specific area.


The business install products within stringent regulations, creating unique challenges in terms of qualifying and testing systems. The business carry out regular replica testing on how the systems react against fire would react in a real-life situation. R&D has helped the business go that extra mile in terms of providing varying data on how systems can be used. For example they ran a project in Denmark on lateral movement in building design.


Working with Leyton has meant Gerco Fas are more educated about what they could be eligible for. At first, the client didn’t believe they could benefit from the scheme as they thought it would be restricted to pharma companies developing new drugs/medicine. In terms of man hours, the work from the key POC on the client side was around 6 hours of input and half an hour for their support staff. After the successful claim, the financial benefit of the scheme was over six figures for the client.

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