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Food Packaging Manufacturing Client – EII

    • Feb 10, 2022
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Food Packaging Manufacturing Client – EII

About the client

Formed in 1998, our client manufactures food service packaging from recycled materials which ultimately end up with a wide range of high street and other retailers. Sitting as a supplier between the petro-chemical companies and retailers, energy costs to run their plants 24/7 51 weeks per year are a significant component of huge overheads that contribute to a very competitive operating environment. 
Before being contacted by Leyton, our client had absolutely no knowledge of their potential entitlement to access the Energy Intensive Industries (EII) scheme which enables for qualifying businesses, compensation of between 15-30% of the total costs of their energy bills. 

The process

All we had to do was collate details of our energy bills and from there Leyton did all of the work keeping us up to date throughout and confirming when our claim had been agreed.  They made the process simple and easy. Running a business like ours, the majority of my time goes on managing the operations and keeping our customers happy. I have to weigh up where I am going to spend my time. Leyton’s approach meant that I was clear in what I needed to deliver and when, and they did the majority of the work meaning that I could focus on the business whilst they got on with the claim for us. 

“The benefit that Leyton accessed for us is not publicly well known within our industry. If they had not brought it to our knowledge we would not have accessed it. There could be thousands of companies our there that fit into the scheme that is there to help industries like ours, but they are not getting it”

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