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Finance Director, Bulldog Digital Media

Our accountancy recommended another R&D tax consultant but they didn’t fit well with our business. Leyton came in and instantly understood us – they always just wanted to help and I would definitely recommend their services

About the business

Bulldog Digital Media is a fast-growing and award-winning digital marketing agency obsessed with all things search. Since 2013, Bulldog Digital Media has been specialising in search engine optimisation, pay per click, content marketing, and much more. Their fast-growing team is full of specialists who know just what it takes to get a site found for all the right reasons.


Bulldog understood that not all businesses have the time or resources to execute all digital marketing initiatives under one roof. Due to this, Bulldog can carry out all digital work for these companies, and provide their bespoke reporting tool to keep clients in the loop, 24/7. Bulldog are experts in personal attention. R&D carried out by Bulldog included overcoming significant performance hurdles in regard to the integration of systems and substantial enhancements to algorithm testing environment


The financial benefits of the R&D Tax scheme has meant that Bulldog Digital Media are no longer shy to invest in R&D; they have also used the benefit to recruit new staff and pay for relevant licences.

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