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R&D Case Study: Pro-Health Chiropractic claims thousands

    • Mar 22, 2023
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Claiming $14,187 through Tax Incentives

Discover how Pro-Health Chiropractic, a chiropractor focusing on Spinal Manipulative Therapy to reduce pain associated with Cervicogenic Headaches, claimed multiple years of an innovation tax credit.

How They Were Innovating

When Leyton first reached out to Dr. Kipp, he didn’t even know the R&D Tax Credit existed. He said, “I was surprised that I did not know about it sooner. Running a business presents many challenges and keeping up with the tax benefits and strategies can be daunting.” The challenges they faced for this particular project included the capability to implement a protocol for CGHA using STM built on iterative treatments over the course of multiple years – that would result in increased positive clinical outcomes; the appropriate design of SMT frequency to alleviate the pain associated with CGHA; and the optimal methodology including timeline to incorporate a cervical Denneroll traction device into protocol.

These challenges required time, innovation, and considerable expenses to overcome; all of this was undertaken while they concurrently ran a full-time clinic with other patients separate from their research and development projects.

Impact of the R&D Tax Credit

By bringing the existence of the R&D Tax Credit to their attention, guiding them through the entire process, taking care of the financial and technical portion of the claim, all within a tight timeline, we were able to allow the professionals at Pro-Health Chiropractic to focus on their patients while simultaneously benefiting from the credit. It allowed them to be innovative in their field of chiropractic medicine, without incurring 100% of the risk for undertaking such projects.

Dr. Kipp said they “used a portion to continue our research for the ongoing projects as well as an allocation to add an additional study. The remainder of the funds were used to treat my team for a job well done.”

My experience with the team at Leyton was fantastic. I felt as though they took the time to understand my projects and helped answer questions along the way which made things easier for me to manage. I would not think of working with anyone else after the wonderful experience I had! Thank you all for your amazing work!

Dr. Robert Kipp – President Pro-Health Chiropractic

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