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R&D Case Study: Credit claims support new project expenses

    • Apr 07, 2023
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Current Life Science Client Claims R&D Tax Credit for 5 years

Discover how Microplant Nurseries Inc, a research micropropagation open since the 1970s, has been able to benefit through continuously claiming tax incentives with Leyton from 2018-2022!

How They Were Innovating

They have an in-house research and development team to conduct R&D prior to the production of their plants. Microplant focused on trees and has since expanded into various other plants and vegetation including shrubs, blueberries, hazelnuts, raspberries, hops, grapes, perennials, timber products and bulb crops. They have produced more than 50 Genera and 500 cultivars with at least 3 times as many others attempted and/or are currently working on in order to successfully develop the plants they do offer. This digital automation has increased their predictability, efficiency, and quality of all their plant products.

Impact of the R&D Tax Credit

Microplant Nurseries has been successfully growing plants wholesale and by contract micropropagation since its opening. They continue to test and develop new Stage 2 unrooted microcuttings and Stage 3 in vitro rooted plants for the 500 cultivars they have produced. Microplant Nurseries built and moved into a new building in 2000, which allowed them to computerize their entire process and connect their various departments. With the funds received from the R&D Tax Credit, Jasinski says the credit will help Microplant Nurseries will “help in covering some recurring capital project expenses” to allow their innovation to continue.

Our experience with Leyton was seamless and easy in a process that could have been complicated and burdensome. We would highly recommend working with Leyton. We had avoided taking advantage of the R&D Tax Credit in the past because we didn’t have a way of recording/reporting the information required. Leyton made that possible.

Jonathan Jasinski, COO Mircroplant Nurseries Inc

Do you own a life sciences business develop or improve processes or products? Your business may qualify for the R&D Tax Credit.

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