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R&D Case Study: GoGo squeeZ discovers new source of funding

    • Apr 07, 2023
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Claiming the R&D Tax Credit for 6+ years

Discover how GoGo squeeZ, a fast-growing and innovative company that has been serving healthy snacks for kids, was able to benefit from a federal tax incentive.

How They Were Innovating

One of their key projects involved experimenting with formulas and ingredients for their products. In the past year, they have launched 2 new recipes which are focused on providing their consumer with immune support through additional nutrients.

On the packaging side, GoGo squeeZ is committed to their Corporate Social Responsibility. Their packaging project proves they care about being an environmentally friendly company which means developing recyclable products. Their packaging has progressed over the past 2 years and this is an ongoing project as they work towards creating a fully recyclable package.

Impact of the R&D Tax Credit

GoGo squeeZ has been rapidly growing since the company’s inception. With the constant growth and innovation, they need CapEx expenditures which requires a lot of cash on hand.

With the money from the R&D Tax Credit, they are able to reinvest in their business to continue funding new projects to create sustainable packaging and healthier formulas.

During all the projects there was a lot of flexibility and agility where Leyton was able to adapt. The first year was a good experience and then the next years were even easier and now it’s just like rolling this forward with all new data and the process is very streamlined and goes very smoothly.

Jerome Negro, Senior Financial Controller GoGo squeeZ

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